Why UV Protection is Important in the Winter

Your eyes are sensitive to Ultraviolet light even in the cold season, when you might least expect them to be. If you participate in outdoor activities in the winter, using the proper UV protection for eyes can help you to lessen the likeliness that you will develop any eye conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and photokeratitis.

We can get you the best sunglasses that suit your lifestyle. How you spend time outdoors in the winter, as well as whether you have certain health concerns, will determine which type of protection will work best for you. The following are the main factors that determine what level of UV protection you will require, which we will consider when you come see our optometrist in Calgary.

How you spend your time outdoors in the winter

If you enjoy spending time out in the snow–for example, through skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, snowshoeing, or outdoor ice hockey–your eyes will have high exposure to UV in the winter, as snow reflects a very high level of UV.

The time of day you most often spend time outdoors

Between 11am and 2pm, the atmosphere is known to have the highest general level of UV present. Others times of the day do also have high UV due to the position of the sun, as has been shown in some research–so whatever time of day you like to spend doing outdoor activities can be taken into consideration.

How high up your outdoor activities are

Skiing, snowboarding, and other activities that take place in high altitudes will put you at a higher risk for UV exposure, as well, as UV levels increase as altitude increases.

Whether you take certain medications

Medications for birth control and high blood pressure, as well as some antibiotics, can actually increase your sensitivity to the sun.

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