Why Are You Nearsighted

Individuals who have been diagnosed with Myopia, or nearsightedness, may have questions about how it happened. The blurred distance vision that they experience is the result of imprecise optics of the eye. With normal vision, light entering the eye focuses on the whole retina. For those with myopia, the light focuses on the front of the retina instead. Because of this, objects viewed in the distance appear unclear and out of focus. Nearsightedness typically begins in childhood and increases as a child grows, but it can worsen at any age. On the other hand, it can surprisingly also improve with time, even as we enter our older years.

Who doesn’t remember their parents telling them to turn on a brighter light while reading or to not sit too close to the TV? Other things such as reading too much or playing video games have been questioned as possible culprits for Myopia. Despite a ton of research, no real cause has been determined to this day.

Myopia has been shown to be on the increase in the general population, which is a cause for concern. Researchers question whether this is due to family genetics, the amount of close work we perform or even what part our diet plays. The answer is probably a combination of one or more of these factors.

Recent research in Asia suggests that spending more time outdoors reduces the risk of developing nearsightedness. As we place increasing demands on our eyes through focusing on the screens of our computers, tablets, and phones, this research highlights our need to head outdoors more frequently.

Based on the benefits uncovered by this research, parents should make sure their children spend at least 40 minutes outdoors each day. Additionally, scheduling regular eye exams can help to keep your child’s eyes healthy. Now is the time, schedule your appointment with our Optometrists for a comprehensive eye exam in Calgary.

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