When your child should first get an eye exam

As many as one out of ten preschool age kids and one out of four school age kids are likely to have a vision problem, but the only way to know for sure is to bring your child in for an eye exam.

Many parents wonder when they should first make an appointment with an Dr. Alex G. Wilson. This is an important matter to consider because some vision problems that can begin to develop in childhood can lead to vision loss, especially if they are not treated. The good news is that we can recommend the ideal ages when you should have your children’s eyes examined, starting from under the age of one up until the school-age years when regularly scheduled eye exams are possible.

The first eye exam should take place at six months of age

Six months may seem young, but detecting and preventing some eye conditions is possible at this age. After this initial exam, your child should next come in when they are three years old, and then once more when they are five or six years old.

If after these initial exams your child does not require any vision correction, an eye exam is only necessary for once every two years moving forward. If glasses or contact lenses are determined to be necessary, an annual exam may be recommended by your optometrist.

Eye exams are an essential part of ensuring your child can learn

In school, you child could become discouraged and unable to learn fully if they have difficulties focusing their eyes, seeing up close or far away, or using their peripheral vision. Hand-eye coordination and eye movement skills are also necessary for your child’s development.

Unfortunately, kids often cannot understand for themselves when they have limitations in these areas, and the concerns can be left unnoticed by adults and even by school vision tests. These are all aspects of your child’s vision that an optometrist will examine, ensuring that your child can get the vision assistance that they need.

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