Why You Should Wear Safety Glasses During Summer Yard Work

Summer is in full swing here in Calgary and you might be busy doing yard work around the house. You’ll want to be sure to wear safety glasses when doing this yard work.

Having an eye injury is a terrifying experience, often ophthalmologists rush into the emergency rooms to treat injuries to people who can’t see. The saddest part of this experience is that, most of these injuries are 100% preventable. Some stories for you to consider:

  • A woman was 15 feet from a trimmer, wearing regular prescription glasses and lost her eye when a piece from the trimmer broke off.
  • An experienced landscaper had his sunglasses knocked off by a rock tossed by a trimmer and bled inside his eye. Eventually his sight returned.
  • A child lost his eye when standing 30 feet from a lawnmower that launched a piece of metal.

As you can see from the above stories, neither sunglasses or regular eye glasses were enough to prevent these serious injuries. It is very important to have protective eyewear that is CSA approved and is made from a polycarbonate plastic with wrap around or side guards. This ensures nothing can enter the eye area under the frame. Also the polycarbonate ensures the goggles won’t shatter sending pieces into your eye. Every year the emergency room sees patients with severe injuries caused by the weed wacker.

Every house should have an approved CSA pair of safety goggles around the home. They are easy to find at your local hardware store. If you need prescription goggles, it’s a great idea to chat with our optometrists about your options. Sometimes, prescription lens can be put into the goggles or there may be something better suited for your needs.

Some safe practices for preventing eye injuries while using power tools during yard work:

  • Keep children and other bystanders out of the area. Most of the injuries our Optometrists see are actually not the people performing the tasks, just someone near by.
  • Always wear CSA approved eye protection.
  • Assess for hazard before beginning your task. Remove small rocks, or garbage in gardens and lawns to prevent projectiles.

We hope you use safety glasses when doing yard work to avoid serious injuries. Contact our Calgary Optometrists if you have suffered any eye damage due to doing yard work around the house.

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