Tips To Protect Your Eyes When Applying Makeup

Part of young girls growing up is wanting to try something in their mother’s makeup case. The early teen years may have been the time when you could start to wear mascara and a little lip gloss to school. Saying goodbye to playing with dolls, or you might have been a tomboy it made you feel quite grown up. Whether applying make up is new for you or started years ago at some point we’ve poked ourselves in the eye. Here are some tips to help you protect your eyes when applying makeup.

Remember the 3 month rule

If you’ve ever experienced itchy, watery eyes you may want to look no further than your makeup bag. Before you chalk it up to allergies it could be caused by bacteria on your makeup. Cosmetics do have a shelf life and need to be discarded after 3 months or could result in some real eye discomfort. Make a note on your calendar with your first application and you’ll be able to keep unwanted bacteria away from your eyes.

Sharing is not always caring

While it’s natural to want to share your newest find with a friend it’s probably not a good idea. Everybody had different bacteria on their skin and it could play havoc with yours and something you might want to avoid.

Watch out for contacts

For contact wearers it’s best to put them in before applying makeup to prevent any makeup getting between the contact lens and your eye.

Take it slow with allergies

When you introduce new products slowly will help narrow down which product is the culprit should you have an allergic reaction.

Clean, clean, clean

You can never be too clean when it comes to something you’re applying to your skin and eyes.Thoroughly washing your hands and face will prevent bacteria from causing problems.

Another part of protecting your eyes is having a comprehensive eye exam to uncover any vision problems early. When it’s time for a Calgary eye exam, contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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