Tips For Coping With Vision Loss

As we age it’s quite normal to experience our ability to see things as clearly as we once did. The pupil of the eye does not open as widely as it once did to allow as much light to reach the retina where vision processing occurs.

Taking steps to increase illumination improves the ability to see better in those dark spaces. Installing under cabinet lighting or increasing lighting in the sewing room, garage or other work areas will help. Consider asking your employer to improve lighting if it’s needed there is well.

For some people age related diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy are more serious. Many low vision devices are available to assist those with permanent vision loss that are helpful with daily living challenges.

Some of these devices are:

  • Strong magnification lenses with extra illumination for reading and other near vision work
  • Audio tapes, specifically adapted computer or television screens and telescopes
  • Lens filter shields to reduce glare

Reading materials such as books, magazines and newspapers are also available in large print format enabling those with severe vision loss to continue something they enjoy.

For those experiencing permanent vision loss it can feel as if they are losing their independence. But don’t be discouraged it is very possible to lead an active and fulfilling life. There are organizations that provide low vision devices for example and support for anyone experiencing vision loss. Taking extra precautions to be sure surroundings are safe by checking for obstacles on outdoor pathways lessens chances of a fall. Indoors furniture placement can make a difference to easily move about their home.

Something that can’t be mentioned enough is making sure you have an eye exam for older eyes to rule out any age related diseases that may affect your vision. For those residing in the Calgary area, contact us today to book an appointment.

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