How To Insert Contact Lenses

Properly inserting your contact lenses is an important factor contributing to the health of your eyes and the longevity of your contacts. At first the insertion process may seem a bit tricky, however over time and with daily practice, you will find it becomes an easy step in your morning routine.

Wearing contacts, opposed to glasses, can be far more convenient in certain professions, and while playing sports that already require protective eye gear. For this reason, it’s an important skill to master, and like any skill, it takes time to develop. Below is our step by step guide to inserting contact lenses properly.


The first step in the insertion process is washing your hands with soap and warm water. Washing your hands is a crucial step in guaranteeing debris left on your hands does not end up irritating your eyes or damaging your contacts.


Make sure that you have thoroughly dried your hands. This will ensure accuracy and avoid slippage when inserting your lenses.


Using your dominant hand, remove the first contact from your case carefully. Balance the contact on the tip of your finger and ensure it looks like a bowl, as pictured in the image above. If the contact has folded edges, it is inside out. If this occurs, it’s best to put your contact back in your solution for a few seconds before attempting to unfold it.


Once you have your contact comfortably placed on the tip of your dominant hand’s index finger, use your non-dominant hand to place two fingers underneath your eyebrow and gently lift your eyelid up, allowing ease and visibility when inserting your contact lenses.


Using the middle finger of your dominant hand, carefully pull down your lower lid, while maintaining a steady hand so that your index finger on the same hand does not drop the contact. Gently line up the contact with the iris of your eye and place it gently. If the contact is not aligned properly, simply slide the contact so it fits nicely over the iris.


Gently blink your eye to remoisten, and assess the comfort. If you feel any discomfort after the contact has been placed in the eye, simply follow steps 3-7 in this article on how to safely remove a contact lense, and try again after it has had a few minute to sit in your solution. Once you have inserted your first contact comfortably, repeat these steps for the second one.

Great job! You have just successfully inserted your contact lenses. Like most things, practice makes perfect, so it’s important to always remain calm and attempt this procedure in a well-lit room and in front of a mirror to guarantee success.

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