What Are Those Specks I See In My Vision?

It is not out-of-the-ordinary to begin to see dark specks in your vision as you get older. These specks are called eye floaters and they can affect your ability to read, but they do not have to be a cause for concern if you learn more about them and the options available for treatment.

Eye floaters are fibres that travel in your vitreous humor

The vitreous humor is a fluid that is located between your retina and your lens, and the fibres that move around in them can become visible to you in the form of dark spots. This is due to their ability to cast a shadow on your retina, creating the phenomenon of eye floaters.

No medications yet exist to treat milder forms of eye floaters

If the specks in your vision are currently not a major concern for your ability to see properly, you can try out some natural remedies or wait for your brain to adjust to the change in your vision.

In terms of natural remedies, no methods have been scientifically proven to be effective but some people have found improvement by cutting back on caffeine, participating in stress-relieving activities (such as yoga), or increasing the amount of magnesium they receive from their diet.

Something to keep in mind if these specks are not yet majorly interfering with your vision is that your brain may adjust so you do not notice the specks. As well, the specks could go away on their own. For as long as they appear to remain a minor problem, you can retain some assurance that the specks could decrease. However, large increases to the number of specks or to the impact that they have on your vision can be a sign that you should see an optometrist.

Surgery is possible, but risks are involved

You can opt to have the eye floaters surgically removed. This can be done through either laser treatment, to vaporize the specks, or a Vitrectomy, which will rid your eye of the current vitreous fluid and replace it. Each of these procedures has benefits and potential risks, which your optometrist in Calgary can discuss with you.

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