How School Affects Children’s Eyes

Preparing your child for a new school year means shopping for new clothes, backpacks and filling endless school supply lists. A visit to your child’s Optometrist may be something else to do to get your child off to a healthy start. As parents we want to give our child the best chance to do well in school, and that’s why their ability to see clearly at all distances is vitally important. We’ve listed some common eye issues below that might cause your child to experience difficulty in school, and  we suggest including an eye exam with an Optometrist as your child begins a new school year.


The most common eye issue that Calgary Optometrists diagnose is myopia, often referred to as near sightedness. Students sitting far away from blackboards or in large lecture halls can experience blurred vision, leaving them unable to see the material properly. Some younger students may have lower grades or become disruptive because they can’t see clearly. Unable to see the material and take notes can cause them to fall behind.


Farsightedness, or hyperopia is the exact opposite of myopia and prevents the student from seeing clearly and focusing close up. The closer the material, the more difficult it is for the person to do their work. Because of this, they may find it easier to avoid their work altogether. If hyperopia goes undiagnosed, your child may experience fatigue, headaches and eye turning issues.


The lesser known astigmatism means that the clear front surface of the eye is not completely round, which affects both distance and near vision. This is not a disease of the eye per say, rather a misshapen eye that can easily be corrected with prescription lenses.

It is recommended that all patients, including children, should have their binocular vision checked as well. Even if they don’t require prescription lenses, a person could experience vision problems when their eyes don’t align properly, an easily corrected problem.

Schools throughout Calgary offer screening programs to find any vision issues your child may be experiencing in class. Another option is to call and schedule an appointment with our Optometrists where a comprehensive eye exam can better determine the complete health of your child’s eyes.

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