Restaurants Near Deerfoot Mall

Saigon Red Sky

This restaurant with comfy, clean and warm atmosphere and pleasant staff is a great choice for dining. They offer a wide variety of Vietnamese foods ranging from stir-fried foods, rice dishes, vegetarian food, rice vermicelli, rice noodle soup and others. People mostly visit them for their pho satay and spring rolls.

Ginger Beef Express

Ginger Beef Express started in the mid-1980’s and for over 30 years, they have served the locals of Calgary with easy ways of enjoying Chinese food. Their famous ginger beef is the restaurant’s signature dish. Aside from their ginger beef, they also offer a wide array of other delicious foods like savory appetizers, flavorful soups, and mouth-watering entrees. The restaurant infused western style cooking on many of their traditional Chinese food to charm the people of Calgary.

Fusion Sushi, McKnight

Fusion Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that offers eat-all-you-can option and other Asian dishes such as Pad Thai and Fried rice. Included in their menu are mouth-watering teriyaki ribs, general tao’s chicken, Japanese special rolls, and beef tataki. They take pride in their fresh and delicious over 150 food dishes.

Don’s Restaurant

The Dons Restaurant is a cozy place that’s ideal for dine-in and take out. Their menu consists of savory and flavorful ginger beef, spring rolls, pineapple sweet and sour pork, mixed vegetables and barbecue pork chop suey. The restaurant’s signature and sought-after dish is their ginger beef.

Pho Thanh Vietnamese Noodle House & Restaurant

Pho Thanh Vietnamese Noodle House and Restaurant specializes in Vietnamese cuisine and other Asian food. They offer noodle and seafood dishes along with their renowned savory Pho Soup. The restaurant is known for its huge space and friendly staff. Pho Thanh Restaurant is great for dining with friends and family or taking out your Vietnamese food.

Ricky’s All Day Grill

Ricky’s All Day Grill began in 1962 as a breakfast restaurant. During that time they were well-known for their amazing service, great breakfast specials, and buttermilk pancakes. And in the 1980’s, the restaurant decided to expand and include lunch and dinner into their menu.

Rea’s Italian Cucina

Rea’s Italian Cucina is a comfortable and family-owned restaurant that offers thin-crust pizza, pasta, and hearty Italian cuisine. Their restaurant is famous for their incredible service and entrees. The place was recently renovated because of a huge fire that occurred last March 2009.

Cherry Inn Restaurant

The Cherry Inn Restaurant is a premier Chinese diner that serves authentic Peking dishes. They have a wide variety of Chinese food in their menu, and they offer an online service where you can order food in just a few clicks.