Protecting Your Childs Eyes During Spring Sports

Anytime a person especially children take part in a Spring or Summer sport such as baseball it presents a risk of injury to their eyes. A fast moving baseball can injure the bones around the eye or even the eyeball itself causing temporary or even permanent vision problems. Other players hands or gloves can scratch the eye and cause damage to the eye’s surface. Even a misguided bat can cause head injuries and lead to vision problems. The long term emotional cost is immeasurable when weighed against a relatively inexpensive piece of protective eyewear.

Protective eyewear like sports goggles can be either prescription or nonprescription and made of non breakable materials. Helmets and headgear can also play an important role in protecting head injuries that could lead to vision problems. If an eye injury occurs while taking part in a sport young people should be seen by their eye doctor or primary care physician as soon as the injury happens. If not properly treated vision problems can persist and lead to lifelong difficulties playing sports, driving a car or even maintaining certain jobs.

Eye doctors and Optometrists recommend taking young people who participate in sports have an eye exam if there is any indication of vision problems. Nearsightedness, farsightedness or an astigmatism if undetected can lead to a variety of physical injuries during sports including eye injuries.

Parents and coaches should watch for various signs on the field that may signal poor depth perception or other vision problems.

  • Always swinging the bat too fast or too slow
  • Missing often while trying to catch the ball
  • Squinting to see the ball or other players

Eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children and the largest percentage are sports related the majority of which can be avoided by wearing protective eyewear. If your child requires prescription eyewear for sports or if you’re not certain scheduling an appointment with your eye doctor might be a good first step. Parents in Calgary trust Dr. Alex Wilson & Associates to provide a comprehensive eye exam for their children, to determine if there are any vision problems that need attention.

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