Dr. Alex G. Wilson and associates offer eye care services in Calgary. We have two locations in the north east of Calgary in Deerfoot mall and the south west of Calgary in Westbrook mall. Dr. Wilson has been serving residents of Calgary since 1984. At that time, Dr. Wilson served as the only optometrist and provided services from the Deerfoot Mall location.

However, the team quickly found that a single office could not accommodate all their patients. Dr. Alex G. Wilson & Associates opened another office at Westbrook Mall so we could schedule more appointments and help more people throughout Calgary.

Joining Dr. Wilson are Drs. Curry and Matthew. Drs Wilson, Curry, Matthew and staff help all ages of residents with any eye related issues they may have. From diagnosing eye conditions, selling contact lenses and eyeglasses to providing eye exams, we can help improve your eye health.

Since we have two locations in Calgary, we serve a wide range of areas and neighbourhoods. There is ample free parking and bus routes available to both locations. We’re open flexible hours Monday through Saturday to accommodate your schedule.

Deerfoot Mall

  • Greenview
  • Thorncliffe
  • Huntington Hills
  • Highland Park
  • Queens Park Village
  • Highwood
  • Country Hills
  • Harvest Hills
  • Panorama Hills
  • Coventry Hills
  • Banff Trail
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Hillhurst
  • Crescent Heights
  • Vista Heights

Westbrook Mall

  • Westgate
  • Rosscarrock
  • Shaganappi
  • Sunalta
  • Scarboro
  • Spruce Cliff
  • Killarney
  • Richmond
  • Wildwook
  • Strathcona Park
  • Christie Park
  • Signature Parke
  • Signal Hill
  • Coach Hill
  • Glendale
  • Glenbrook

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