Lasik Eye Surgery in Calgary

The eye is a delicate organ that demands absolute concern when it comes to surgery. The LASIK Eye surgery in Calgary is well-known for its proper surgical procedure rendered to the sufferers. The doctors here, present essential safety precautions too.


LASIK MD is a premier service provider of laser vision correction in Canada and is also North America’s biggest provider of laser vision correction. With their state-of-the-art technology and techniques in laser vision correction, clients can choose from a wide variety of personalized vision solutions. LASIK MD has been awarded as among the Best Managed Companies in Canada for seven successive years. The institution is dedicated to providing top-tier quality care to clients at reasonable prices.

  • Mitchell Eye Centre

The Mitchell Eye Centre is a modern eye care facility that uses cutting-edge technology. They offer various services associated with ophthalmology, such as general ophthalmology, retina group, glaucoma, strabismus, uveitis clinic, refractive, laser eye surgery, pediatric, oncology, plastics/orbit, ophthalmic surgery, research, and teaching. In doing advanced laser eye surgeries, Mitchell Eye Centre utilizes the ZEISS Excimer, MEL80 laser, which is one of the most advanced Excimer laser available in the market.

  • Western Laser Eye Associates

Western Laser Eye Associates is an eye health centre that offers optometry, ophthalmic and laser vision correction services. They also provide laser vision correction that uses wavefront technology combined with Epi-LASIK and PRK. Western Laser Eye Associates utilises high-tech VISX STAR S4 laser with custom wavefront technology.

  • Gimbel Eye Centre

The first performed laser vision correction, implantable corrective lens procedures and refractive lens exchange in Canada was done the Gimbel Eye Centre. Gimbel Eye Centre offers different choices for vision corrective surgery for their clients. They are among the leaders when it comes to corrective eye surgery. Gimbel Eye Centre started its operation in 1964 and has performed over 200,000 eye surgeries. Clients can choose between laser and lens option in their refractive surgeries.

  • Demong Associate Eyecentre

Demong Associate Eyecentre began operating in 1980. They use up-to-date technologies in diagnosing eye conditions and also in surgical treatments for various eye conditions. They offer laser and lens solutions for clients who are wearing glasses and contact lens. Their surgical eye care involves pre and post-operative care. They also offer lens surgeries, cataract surgery, laser vision correction, corneal transplant procedures and corneal collagen crosslinking.

  • Seema Eye Care Centre

Considered as one of the leading eye care and vision correction surgery providers in Canada, Seema Eye Care Centre is headed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul and Dr. Jamie Bhamra; both are qualified in performing a variety of eye surgery procedures. They specialize in the field of anterior segment surgery, which includes corneal transplantation, cataract surgery, corneal ectasia management and refractive lens exchange. They are also frontrunners in the field of vision correction surgeries like Corneal Cross Linking, Phakic IOLs, PRK, and LASIK. They also offer treatment of dry eye disorder.