When Should You Get Contact Lenses

Up to 40% of contact lense wearers don’t replace their lenses within the manufacturer’s recommendations. The two biggest reasons are because of forgetfulness and an effort to save money. Another reason is surprisingly that vision care professionals are providing incorrect information. We urge you to talk with our Calgary Optometrists so you clearly understand when your contacts should be replaced.

In a recent survey it was found the biggest offenders were the two weeks contact lense wearers who reported a whooping 52% going over the recommendations. Next, it was 28% of one month lenses, however the daily disposables seem to understand the risks at only 12% going over recommendations.

Serious complications can result from overuse:

Corneal Ulcers- A burning pain in the eye caused by contact lense overuse. These ulcers are actually open sores on the eye and can also lead to eye infections.

Dry eyes- When contacts are worn for too long the build up of debris can cause the cornea to lose sensation, the result of this is dry eyes. A very irritating and sometimes painful condition.

Eye Infections- The leading cause of Keratitis, a serious infection of the cornea, is wearing old contact lenses. Many other eye infections can occur from wearing degraded contacts lenses.

Even with proper cleaning and storage of your contact lens, the plastic will have protein and lipid deposits with regular use. If left for too long these lenses that are coated and crusted with debris will begin to erode the lense, causing problems in your eyes. Also keep in mind, different people have different amounts of by-products in their tears, as some deposit a high amount of protein.

This is information to discuss with our Optometrists, as these contact lense wearers are at a much higher risk of complications. Complications with your vision can be life altering, take care of your eyes and replacing your contacts properly is so easy to do.


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