Your Eyes Need UV Protection Even on Cloudy Days

Did you know that even UV rays are harmful even on cloudy days in Calgary? In fact because people usually don’t wear sunglasses on overcast days, exposure over time really adds up and can increase your risk of cataracts, glaucoma or age related macular degeneration and other serious eye defects. There are many things you can do to prevent this though:

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight from 11am-3pm: This is when the UV index is at it’s peak, putting you at risk. This doesn’t mean you have to stay inside, but it’s important to try to take the  necessary precautions whenever it’s possible.
  • If you wear contact lenses be sure to ask our Calgary Optometrists for a brand that has UV protection: There are many brands that offer UV protection so be sure you include this factor in your purchase decision.
  • Wear a hat: Shield your eyes from the sun whenever possible. The bigger the brim the better, as a bigger brim provides more protection.

Last but certainly not least:

  • Always, always wear sunglasses: You can virtually eliminate your risk by wearing sunglasses whenever you are outside. Shop around and try different tints to ensure you’re very comfortable in all shades of light. If you find yourself taking your sunglasses off all the time because they’re uncomfortable or obstructing your vision you will need to find something that works for you. Our Optometrists in Calgary spend the time with you ensure a great fit and tint just for you.

A very important factor in avoiding the risks of UV is protecting your children. Most of the damage is done by the time a child reaches 18, due to the fact children spend so much time outside and their eyes aren’t capable of filtering as well as an adults. Make sure your kids learn to love their hats and sunglasses using positive reinforcement and you’ll be doing them a huge favour for their future.

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