Eye Glasses

A few years ago, finding out you needed to wear glasses was something you did not want to hear. While there are still some people who don’t like wearing glasses, they have largely become a fashion accessory for those who don’t even need them. For those who do need them, it’s important to choose a pair of frames that flatter your face and coloring. While you could try on every pair of frames in the store, it’s less time consuming to decide by determining the shape and coloring of your face.


When matching eyeglases frames to your face shape, consider the following 3 points:

  • Eyeglasses should repeat your best feature, an example might be blue frames to blue eyes.
  • The frame should contrast your face shape.
  • The frame should be to scale with your face size.


No face is perfectly shaped, but rather a combination of the shapes and angles listed below:


  • Oval: with its balanced proportions, oval is considered the ideal shape. In order to balance the oval shape, frames should be as wide as the broadest part of the face.
  • Base up triangle: this is a face that is wider in the top third than the bottom third.To minimumize the wide prtion of the face, select frames that are wider at the bottom, lighter in color, or wireless.
  • Oblong: This face is characterized by being longer than it is wide, with long straight cheek lines and a long nose. Achieve balance by choosing frames with more depth than width. The addition of decorative or contrasting temples will also make the face seem wider.
  • Square: These face shapes tend to have a strong jaw line, broad forehead and a balanced length and width. The best frames to choose would be wired frames, frames with more width than depth, or narrow ovals.
  • Diamond: These faces feature broad cheekbones and are narrow at the eyeline and jawline. The most flattering glasses are ones that highlight the eyes and soften the cheeks by featuring distinctive brow lines and detailing. Try rimless frames or an oval or cat eye shape.
  • Round: Round faces should use frames that elongate the face, such as lighter frames that lengthen the face and a clear bridge to widen that area.
  • Base down triangle: With it’s narrow cheek and chin area, this face  requires added width to provide balance. Look for frames heavily accented with color and detail on the top, or cat eye shapes to emphasize the top half of the face.

After your comprehensive eye exam at one of the Calgary clinics of Dr. Alex G. Wilson and Associates Optometrists, it may be determined that you require corrective lenses. Although some people do not embrace the idea of wearing glasses, the information provided will help when choosing frames that suit your face shape in the best way.