3 Things To Consider When Choosing Eyeglasses

Some people do not like wearing glasses, so how they look on our face and the process of choosing the right pair is important. Trying on every single pair of frames in the store is always an option, but a less time consuming idea is to determine the shape and colouring of your face. With this process you can easily understand which eyeglass frame styles and colour compliment your features the best.

When matching eyeglass frames to face shape consider the following 3 points:

  1. Eyeglass should repeat your best feature, an example might be blue frames to blue eyes.
  2. The frame should contrast with your face shape.
  3. The frame should be to scale with your face size.

Faces are generally a combination of shapes and angles, so the 7 basic shapes are listed here:

  1. Oval is considered to be the ideal shape with its balanced proportions. To balance the oval shape out, frames that are as wide as the broadest part of your face are suggested.
  2. Base up triangle is a face wider in the top third than the bottom third. Choose frames that are wider at the bottom, lighter coloured, or wireless to minimize the wider top portion of the face.
  3. Oblong is a face longer than it is wide with long, straight cheek lines and a longer nose. To balance this shape, choose frames with more depth than width, and add decorative or contrasting temples to make the face appear wider.
  4. Square faces have a strong jawline and broad forehead, with width and length in proportion. They look best with wire frame styles, frames with more width than depth, or narrow ovals.
  5. Diamond shaped faces are narrow at the eyeline and jawline with broad cheekbones. Choose glasses that highlight the eyes and soften the cheekbones, and that feature distinctive brow lines or detailing. Rimless wire frames, an oval or cat eye shape work well also.
  6. Round faces often want to elongate their features. To make a round face appear longer, thinner and more angular, choose light frames that lengthen the face and a clear bridge that widens the eye area.
  7. Base down triangle, with its narrow cheek and chin area need added width for balance. Frames that are heavily accented with colour and detail on the top or cat eye shapes add emphasis to the top third of the face.

After you’ve had your comprehensive eye exam with our Optometrists in Calgary, should you require corrective lenses you will be prepared with the information provided  to choose the best eyeglass frames for your face.

How To Clean Your Eyeglasses

Glasses are one of those personal items that are handled frequently which makes them subject to lots of wear and tear and need regular maintenance to have them performing optimally. Here are some basic tips for caring for your glasses properly.

1) Rinse lenses under a stream of room temperature water which will rinse away any large particles from the lense surface without scratching the lenses. Be sure the water is not too hot or too cold as this may damage the anti reflective coating.

2) Spray both inner and outer surfaces of each lens with eyeglass cleaner, one that is specifically approved for this purpose. Using a small amount of dishwashing liquid then rising will work fine as well. Finish by drying with a microfiber cloth, these cloths are made to remove dirt and grime from lens surfaces and are hand washable.

3) Do not use kleenex or other tissue on lens surfaces as these materials are quite abrasive and may scratch your lenses.

4) Protect your glasses by storing them in an eyeglass case in your purse or pocket or lying around at home will safeguard against scratching or possible breakage. If you find your glasses need a little adjusting or tightening the dispensing

Even if your glasses have anti glare and scratch resistant coating nothing can prevent lenses from becoming scratched and eventually they will need to be replaced. By this point this may be a reminder that you likely need to have your eyes examined by an Optometrist to be sure your prescription is still up to date. In Calgary, Dr. Alex Wilson & Associates provide comprehensive eye exams to be sure you maintain your eye health. Book an appointment today.

Contact Lenses or Glasses: Which is Better?

Do you prefer wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses? Torn between the two? Read on to know which is more appropriate for you. Both options have pros and cons, and it all comes down to your preference.

Contact Lenses


  • When it comes to eye care, technology has been steadily advancing – current contact lenses are more effective and comfortable as compared to the previous ones
  • Prescription contacts can be customized to suit your needs with various colours and even anti-glare tints
  • You won’t be experiencing that fogged up glasses anymore when you go inside a warm room from the cold
  • Take away the need to have prescription sports eyewear for active individuals
  • Provide a wide range of view and peripheral vision due to its perfect fit


  • Too much comfort in wearing them can make you forget that you have them in your eyes, which may result in severe irritation for long periods
  • To maintain the durability and overall function of the contacts, daily maintenance is vital
  • Contact lenses can intensify the straining and dryness of over-worked or sensitive eyes
  • Touching around and inside of the eyes can be hard for some individuals using contacts

Though they partially cover, contact lenses are not great at inhibiting dust or other foreign particles from going in the eyes.



  • They provide sufficient protection against environmental elements and foreign stuff
  • Frames offer a good way of expressing yourself and provide an added style to your look – as a matter of fact, a lot of people wear frames without prescriptions to improve their looks or add highlight to their getup
  • If you have steady prescriptions and good at maintaining them, your glasses are economical over the a long time
  • Wearing eyeglasses doesn’t require you to touch your eye, which decreases the risks of irritation or getting an infection


  • Frames can cause discomfort in the bridge of your nose and on your ears, particularly if you’re wearing them for long periods
  • The lenses of your eyeglasses can be obscured by environmental forces such as cold weather, oily skin, and humidity
  • Strong prescriptions may change your face or eyes
  • It can be hard to look for appropriate frames for specific face shapes
  • Eyeglasses can limit peripheral vision, which can be more limited due to big or fashion frames

So, which is suitable for you? Contacts, eyeglasses, or both? As you can see, there are several crucial factors to consider when choosing between the two. So, weigh your options carefully. If you need help deciding, visit our Calgary optometrists today, and they will be more than happy to enlighten you with any questions or concerns you might have.