Deerfoot Mall Closing For Renovations

Our Deerfoot Mall location will be forced to close down on January 8th 2016 as the mall will be undergoing some major renovations. Obviously there is nothing we can do about this but we will still be serving patients at our Westbrook Mall location.

When reopened, Deerfoot Mall will be better than every. Here is what the Calgary Sun and Avenue Calgary have to say about the renovations.

Also be sure to check out the video below for a flyover of what the mall will look like.

“The 80-acre site, with over 1,000,000 SF of retail is undergoing a total transformation to become Destination: Deerfoot City. A master-planned retail destination is taking shape with shops, restaurants and entertainment purposefully positioned for an infusion of vibrancy, creating natural social zones that will bring people together all year long. The unique open-air streetscapes will be brought to life by stunning landscapes and beautiful architecture. With unparalleled access from Alberta’s busiest highway, Deerfoot City will be a regional lifestyle centre unlike anything Calgary has seen.”