At What Age Can My Child Wear Contact Lenses?

The decision to get contact lenses for your child is one to be made between you, your child, and your optometrist. Many parents wonder whether their child has to be a certain age before they can wear contact lenses, but the truth is that contacts can be used by kids of very young ages, including infants and toddlers–but they are not ideal for everyone.

Here are a few factors to take into consideration as you decide whether contact lenses are the ideal eye care solution for your child.

Is your child capable of and willing to keep the lenses clean and well cared for?

Many optometrists find that kids are diligent in the cleaning and care of their contact lenses–even more so than adults are. Whether your child is ready to take on this responsibility will ultimately be decided upon by your optometrist, who will not prescribe contact lenses if a child is not ready for them or they will not benefit from their usage. And if your child ends up showing they aren’t yet ready to wear contact lenses, the optometrist will be willing and able to unprescribe them.

Is your child nearsighted?

If your child has myopia–that is, they are nearsighted–some specialized contact lenses could help to decrease the speed of eye growth. This is beneficial because it is this growth of the eyes that increases myopia–so a slowing down of the progressive growth can help.

Does your child participate in active activities?

Wearing glasses while playing sports can lead to injury, even if the lenses are of high quality–broken frames can be a hazard. On top of this, glasses don’t allow your child to use their peripheral vision to the best of their ability.

Contact lenses can help with both of these concerns, and they can even make it possible for your child to wear protective goggles if this would increase their safety in whatever activity they are participating in.

Will your child’s self-esteem improve if they begin wearing contact lenses?

Being a kid or teenager is tough, with many of them dealing with concerns about fitting in and achieving the confidence they need to reach their goals. If contact lenses will help them with this, and they are otherwise capable of taking care of them, then a prescription may be an ideal option.

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