5 Tips on Computer Eye Strain Relief

At least half of people who use their computers on a regular basis at work end up experiencing eye strain, studies have shown. This can cause everything from red eyes and eye twitches to decreased productivity, a feeling of physical fatigue, and an increased number of on-the-job errors. Follow these 5 tips to get the computer eye strain relief you need.

#1: Adjust the lighting in the room

Both exterior and interior lighting can play a part in causing eye strain. Excessive light from outdoors may occur in your office if windows are not covered by blinds, drapes, or curtains. If possible, you should try to position your desk so nearby windows are to the side of you, rather than in front of your computer or behind you.

When it comes to interior lighting, install lower intensity light bulbs or fluorescent tubes in your office or reduce the number or bulbs or tubes that are in use. If there are fluorescent lights directly above where you work, try moving away from that spot or turning off the lights to see if this makes a difference–many people find that this type of lighting causes eye strain. Floor lamps that use halogen or incandescent lighting can be a good alternative.

#2: Get an eye exam

The best way to catch common eye problems before they get the chance to develop is to go in for an eye exam. Before you go in, measure how far away from the screen you usually sit–the optometrist can then test your eyes from this distance.

#3: Reduce the amount of glare on the screen

As glare can impact eye strain, consider installing an anti-glare screen on your desktop and, if you wear glasses, getting lenses that have anti-reflective coating.

#4: Use the 20-20-20 rule

Focusing for too long on your screen can cause fatigue. To prevent this, every 20 minutes spend 20 seconds looking at something at least 20 feet away. This will relax the focusing muscle in your eye.

#5: Get computer glasses

If you currently have a prescription for your eyes and are experiencing eye strain, ask Dr. Alex G. Wilson if a modified prescription for computer use would benefit you. Contact us to learn more.

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